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  If you meet the following requirements you may place 
      your CV on this site (or in our files) free of charge:

   You must be seeking a Montessori teaching position.

  You must have a Montessori qualification, or are presently in training, or have Montessori teaching experience, or are willing to begin your Montessori training when obtaining a teaching position (give details of your intention to begin training).

  If you are seeking a primary (ages 6 - 12) position, you must have NZQA registration or state when you applied for NZQA registration.

If you are not a NZ citizen or do not have a work permit or permanent residency, then you must provide satisfactory information that you understand the issues involved in reference to NZ Immigration procedures. 

You must be fluent in English and have an adequate knowledge of life in NZ.
If English is not your native language, then you must be willing to prove your fluency by providing (at a later date, upon request) an audio or video tape, and to be interviewed by telephone. If the culture of your country is distinctly different than that of New Zealand, it will be necessary (at a later date, upon request) to demonstrate that any cultural differences will not pose a problem to your teaching.


How to send your employment details:

In addition to your CV, state (in your covering letter) the 
       type of teaching position you are applying for and the 
       area of NZ you are willing to live in 
         (e.g. 'Wellington only' or 'any place').

You must include your email address, and preferably 
        your telephone and snail mail address. 

When are you willing to start teaching?
        E.g. "Anytime during 2002."  or 
               "I am seeking a position to start in January 2002."
               (School term dates can be found on the Ministry of Education web site.)

In the Subject Line of your email, put  "Your Name: Teaching CV"
       e.g.   Mary: Teaching CV           This is important! 

Send CV and covering letter as an email attachment
        in either one of these file formats:     .doc     .rtf     .html
        You may also send your CV via snail mail. (Ask for details.)

Note: Your name, location, address, and other personal details will not be placed on this or any other web site. These details will be deleted so as to protect your privacy. Bonafide employers (schools) will of course have private access to your full details as provided, but not through a web site.

20 July 2001
This site is Copyright 2001, by Steve Lee. All rights reserved.
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  This site is Copyright 2001, by Steve Lee. All rights reserved.