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Nancy's Photos of Antarctica 
and New Zealand

Please be patient while the photos download ~ there are 8 of them.


On the South Island of New Zealand 



 This web page was created by Nancy's friend Steve, on 30 March 2001.
Nancy stopped in Masterton, New Zealand, for several days to see Steve, her old
Colorado mountain & ski friend. A few minutes before she left on the bus, these photos were
quickly scanned. To see Steve's web site of Pauline and her Montessori 
activities, go to   Steve's astrology site is at - this consists of complex material 
for professional astrologers, but there is a page of photos as
well as a New Zealand page. Thanks for stopping by
to see us Nancy - you are a lovely person
and it is always nice to see you! 

 To save any photo, put the pointer on a photo and right click your mouse: 
"Save As" to a file that you choose.

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