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About This Site 

   This site was created in February 1999 by Steve Lee, who is the husband of a very active Montessorian, Pauline Harter. The intention of this site is to assist  student-teachers, teachers,  parents, and others interested in Montessori education. While the content, material and information on this site does at times relate to various organisations such as MCI (Montessori Centre International), Wa Ora, Wairarapa Montessori, and MANZ (Montessori Association of New Zealand), Steve Lee takes responsibility for the content of this site. That is, the various organisations on this site are not officially represented here. Visitors to this site are encouraged to contact MCI, MANZ, Wa Ora Montessori School, Wairarapa Montessori Centre,  Wairarapa Montessori Charitable Trust, or other organisations mentioned on this site, in order to find official information. 

  While much information on this site is obtained through Pauline Harter and her professional associations, the information here is not to be considered as officially Pauline's (in case of unintentional misrepresentation). 

  If you find errors on this site, or think that certain material should be added or altered, 
please send an email to Steve Lee at  < juno@paradise.net.nz >   Having stated this, I must add that finding the time to make alterations and additions is exceeding difficult - this is a 'labour of love and dedication', done voluntarily at my home computer. Therefore the 'free from error' standard of professional web sites cannot be matched due to a lack of time. At any given time, I would like to put in at least 8 hours of work on this site to do the things that I have in mind!

  Your positive comments are also welcome.... we really enjoy hearing from Montessorians!

                       ~  Thank you,   Steve Lee,   12 December, 2001