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 Wairarapa Montessori
Classroom Photos 2000

Pauline Harter Sings with her lovely pupils.

Sammie learns about big numbers
using her creative Rainbow Bead Chain


Adrianna discovers mathematics 
with the Trinomial Cube

Natalie and 'advanced' maths 
 using Bead Chains 

Abigail uses the Sensorial
Colour Tablets

Grandad Wayne Harter
shows a newly made Jack-O-Lantern

Jadin and Marcus are triumphant
with their 1,000 Bead Chain

Katheryn pairs musical tones using the Bells.

Pauline's Music CD

Helpful Info on Teacher Training

Maria Montessori Quotations

Job Opportunities 

Group photos of 
Wairarapa Montessori Centre

Information About 
Wairarapa Montessori Centre

Photos of WMC Preschoolers

Christmas 2000 Parade

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